1976 6'6" code 76

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Code 76, 1976. It sounds logical enough. I had the plan shape I liked and I had the need for the speed and the way to make it happen. I chopped about 10 inches off the 7'4" to create the outline for a mid length deeply concaved twin fin. I went to the Mona Vale factory of Shaper Col Smith and glasser Wayne Warner for a board that'd hold in at any size right or left. What Col and I came up with was a tinny with very small fins set way back and off a flier set way further back than normal to deliver a longer straighter rail than normal. Pretty sure that MR was still on Da Sting at the time. It was also super light, two 4s on the deck and a single four on the bottom. It's probable that Col and Wayne's company, Morning Star, was building the lightest boards on the planet right then. Tom Carroll and his loyal sidekick Michael Twemlow also got boards of similar revolutionary weight from Morning Star around the same time, tiny versions of the single fin 'Bean' that Col was ripping Narra to pieces on. Anyway, to this day it was the fastest and most radical board backhand or forehand that I'd ever have. Whilst still driving off the front foot for bottom turns due to the wide point being 4 inches up from centre I found myself also driving off the fins on roundhouse cutbacks. Constant acceleration. And yeah, 360s came into play. I won the classic B Grade National Title on it mid year for Sydney Uni - the Intervarsity up at Cabarita. I turned 19 mid year. The board lasted into February '77 when Terry Fitzgerald saw me riding it at Narrabeen Alley rights. I had the speed going that day and Fitz who had a persona that exuded class ordered me down to Hot Buttered to start riding for his famed company.