Photo: Divine. V-Land Dec '78

Due to broad demand there are no longer singular Codes on offer. Blocks of five in chronological years now on offer. First years - ‘73 ‘74 ‘75 ‘76 ‘77.

Come 4.3.21 you are humbly invited on a long journey home.

Available to those interested, my career on fins - as surfed.

30 boards for 30 years, one a year, my total matrix : Newport to Bells to Hawaii to decades at J-Bay.

The period: 1973-2003; limited edition 10 roots boards per design year as well as variations.

4’10” to 11’1” - all the gears/dimensions/profiles/rails/weights and especially rockers.

Rockers need consistency: I've ridden too many butchered boards: the rockers are thus machined: I take 3 hrs min a board shaping.

All boards come out of the same mid north coast cottage, glassed/finished at SugarGlide.

This is REAL period retro, bloody close to the mark. No hybrid bullshit. If you're into that trip, get set.

The Litmus quiver '91-'97 is only part of the spectrum.

Now taking orders.

Photo: Wyler J-Bay test pad May '92.

Photo: Slabbert J-Bay May '92.